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Health Visitors

Health Visitors are registered nurses with specialist qualifications in family, child and community health.  They work with individuals, families and communities to offer advice and encourage healthy living.  They link with GP surgeries and liaise with other agencies such as education, social services and voluntary organisations.

Health Visitors work in teams with nurses, nursery nurses and health care assistants to offer a universal service which includes:

  • Antenatal contacts - to help ensure parents are fully prepared for the arrival of their new baby.
  • New birth and hearing screening contact - 11-17 days after delivery to assess mother and baby well-being and offer advice and support as appropriate.
  • Well baby clinics - to offer guidance on all aspects of baby/child care, growth and development.
  • Refer children on to other professionals wihtin the community as necessary.
  • Assess and support mothers at risk of post-natal depression.
  • Monitor development of babies and children at eight months and twenty-seven months of age or at anytime a concern is highlighted.

Health visitors also offer practical advice on issues such as weaning, immunisation, home safety, behaviour difficulties, toilet training and sleep problems.